The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: its reputation and its people.

(Henry Ford)


Concept GDC inc. orchestrates all of the steps leading to the achievement of a dream property, no matter how large. It is we who offer a one-stop-shop service! We will assist you and remain the prime contractor from the beginning to the end of your project: from the creation of plans through to the construction, interior and exterior decoration, until delivery.

We seek to create living or working spaces designed to provide the physical and psychological well-being of their occupants. Our design sessions include our client, our business partners, consultants and our team members. This coordinated participation generally produces excellent results.

Other than the size, speed and price, when speaking about a property project, there must be quality! This is why Concept GDC inc. is committed to propose innovative and intelligent ideas, while effectively responding to your needs.

Specialist in institutional, commercial and residential buildings, it’s more than 1000 projects which we have successfully achieved since we’ve started our business.

Give yourself the possibility of having in your hands personalized plans, perfectly adapted to your tastes and needs. Throughout the project, we are committed to respecting your requests and seeking your complete satisfaction.

Objective and corporate mission statement

Concept GDC inc. has as its main objective the maintenance of a high level of efficiency, honesty and expertise, distinguishing itself through its innovative ideas, versatility, as well as an approach to its clients that is exceptional and flawless.

We understand that your project can be a major investment and the fulfillment of a dream. That is why Concept GDC inc.’s professional team devotes itself with enthusiasm in order to determine your dream into reality.

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