There is no substitute for excellence. Not even success.

(Thomas Boswell)


Angéline Guénette

I want to thank you for the extraordinary work you and your team have made ​​in my house on the Plateau Mont Royal. You have successfully replaced the old with the new real. Today I live in a 1,279 sq ft apartment, very modern, up to date, on a super solid foundation. In addition, I have beautiful high-energy windows. I appreciated the efficiency, promptness and respect for your team, not to mention the good mood of all. I know we'll still work together in the next future and I will recommend to all friends and others doing business with GDC Concept.

L. D.

I am satisfied. We used Concept GDC to expand our house and do some renovations. They have an excellent network of subcontractors upon which they can quickly rely in the event of the inevitable surprises which occur during such a project. Informed about the project, many constructive suggestions were made which helped to improve the project.

Annabelle G.

It was super professional. Everything was great, from the quote to the work. Everything was put back in place and clean. No negative comments; I was very satisfied.

J. Cardinal

I contacted Concept GDC to remove vermiculite from my roof. I experienced a very professional service, and I liked the experience so much that they also made my roof and renovated my second house. I highly recommend them !

Jocelyne C.

It is certain that the planning was to create an open air. I was very satisfied. The structure is very solid, they installed a large beam. All finished at once. Initially, the job was to adapt the house for an elderly person (floor and bathroom), but we ended up also renovating the kitchen. It’s modern, beautiful and practical !

J. Lundquist

I am very satisfied with my experience with Concept GDC. Doing business with Eli Salm is a pleasure. He is excellent at managing projects and completing them on time. I will definitely use his services in the future. I recommend it.

D. Nguyen

I am very happy, very satisfied. It was professional, and very clean also. Carefully cleaned afterwards. Respected deadlines and prices.

Philippe S.

After two water damage incidents, we called Concept GDC. In this type of situation, the clock is ticking and this company was able to reassure us from all points of view. From the treatment until the finish, everything was immaculately treated. Their listening, availability and professionalism were able to reassure us in this difficult time, especially with a young family. Following this positive experience, we have used Concept GDC for different renovation jobs. Their honesty, smiles, kindness, and beautiful work make Concept GDC’s business a real asset when you know nothing about renovation and you want construction projects that are impeccably supported

V. Roy

The tiles in the bathroom are almost all laid and what a difference! I have difficulty believing this is the same bathroom ! Wow ! :-)

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