Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

(Henry Ford)

We are Concept GDC

Three words to define us : efficiency, honesty and expertise

Concept GDC inc., founded in 2006 by Eli Salm, works in the field of management, design and construction, thus the name GDC (the French acronym for these words). Since its founding, Concept GDC inc. has completed nearly a thousand real estate projects across Quebec and has gradually become one of the best businesses in its area of expertise. With the innovative one-stop-shop concept, the construction entrepreneur has also distinguished itself thanks to the exceptional relations that it maintains with its clientele, obtaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

From the start, Eli Salm aims to promote the one-stop-shop concept. Because of his interests, his training, and his natural talent, he can offer customers all services related to the construction of a house, to the conception of plans up to the final stage of delivery, through the construction itself, and the interior and exterior design of the property. Quality and cost control are also protected because he is responsible for each stage of the project. Thus, it saves the customer from needing to compromise at the end of a project, due to budget overruns that have almost become the norm.

Along the way, Concept GDC inc. became interested in the problem of mold and developed new expertise in the field of decontamination by partnering with major chemical firms and microbiologists specializing in analyzing air quality. Today, Concept GDC inc. is considered #1 in Quebec in the area of mold decontamination in buildings.

The passion of Eli Salm for everything related to the world of construction will finally open up the range of his company’s services in the construction and renovation of commercial and institutional buildings.


Develop and implement the tools which allow information sharing, discussion of strategies and decision making in full transparency


Discipline aimed at a visual and integral harmonization of the human environment, from the conception of different everyday objects to urban planning


Assemble the different elements of a building and utilize the appropriate materials and techniques, taking into consideration the particulars of each project

Objective and corporate mission statement

Concept GDC inc. has as its main objective the maintenance of a high level of efficiency, honesty and expertise, distinguishing itself through its innovative ideas, versatility, as well as an approach to its clients that is exceptional and flawless.

We understand that your project can be a major investment and the fulfillment of a dream. That is why Concept GDC inc.’s professional team devotes itself with enthusiasm in order to determine your dream into reality.

Founder and his profile

Eli Salm

Eli Salm, founding president of Concept GDC inc., has a diploma in Architectural Technology, as well as Construction Management from E.T.S. A business man of profound integrity, and passionate about his job, he has over the years developed unquestionable expertise.

His extensive knowledge of building structures has allowed him to develop a sixth sense which, linked to his analytical abilities, gives him the ability to find the right solution. His complete confidence in the quality of his services permits him to offer a guarantee for all of the work that he performs. The satisfaction of his clients is at the heart of his professional concerns and his team shares his vision.

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