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Concept GDC inc. works in partnership with firms of chemists specializing in the evaluation of air quality and in the research of fungal and chemical contaminants. Once the origin and type of mold has been identified with precision, we commence working. Our procedures (New York Protocol) recommended by our specialist partners as well as by Health Canada, the CMHC and the Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec are efficient, fast and safe.

Our extensive knowledge of architectural structures permits us to counter all risks of the identified problem recurring. It is therefore extraordinary expertise that Concept GDC inc. makes available to you. Whether it is a question of eliminating harmful mold or restoring buildings after disasters, Concept GDC inc. will help you take advantage of its expertise by offering effective and definitive solutions.



Yes! Concept GDC inc. can halt the degradation of air quality.

It is normal to find mold in homes as they are essentially the same as those found outside of homes, and in similar or much smaller amounts. However, nearly a third of Canadian homes do not meet these criteria. The increase of mold spore or bacteria concentration leads to a degradation of air quality. There are numerous development niches of micro-organisms which cause this degradation.

To ensure optimal efficiency of conventional mold cleaning, Concept GDC inc. completes its work by using a Hygiasept® diffuser in conjunction with the disinfectant product, Hygiaseptyl® Spray. The dual action of the diffuser product works to generate a micro-diffusion dryer that cleans the atmosphere through saturation and settles on surfaces without moistening or staining them.


Yes! Concept GDC inc. can also destroy odors.

Active mist generated by the Hygiasept® diffusers, coupled with the action of specific products, allows the destruction of annoying and persistent odors by destroying existing molecules such as :

  • Tobacco
  • Odors from the kitchen
  • Perspiration

We use products that can be used anywhere without risk because they do not moisten or stain, and they leave no residue.


Are you planning renovations? Make sure that your insulation materials do not contain vermiculite or asbestos. Concept GDC inc. can conduct the necessary tests before you commence your work.

Vermiculite is also known under the name “Zonolite.” It is generally found in the attic but it is sometimes also found in walls and ceilings. It is possible that it contains asbestos, though this is not the same for all vermiculite. However, one cannot simply rely on the appearance of the material or the year of its installation to determine this.

Other insulation materials can contain asbestos, for example conduit insulation, plaster joints (made between 1960 and 1970), certain tiles or themal plates, etc.

Objective and corporate mission statement

Concept GDC inc. has as its main objective the maintenance of a high level of efficiency, honesty and expertise, distinguishing itself through its innovative ideas, versatility, as well as an approach to its clients that is exceptional and flawless.

We understand that your project can be a major investment and the fulfillment of a dream. That is why Concept GDC inc.’s professional team devotes itself with enthusiasm in order to determine your dream into reality.

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