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With more than 10 years of experience, we have developed a solid expertise in all services related to residential building construction as well as commercial.


From construction, to exterior and interior design, including decontamination and inspection, we offer an all-in-one concept to meet all your needs.

More than 1000
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Considered #1 in Québec in the mold decontamination industry, we have done more than 1000 projects which we’ve have successfully achieved since we’ve started our business.

Stop the mold!

If we usually spend quite much time inside, it is necessary to make sure that the air quality doesn’t threathen our health. Indeed, even though most people are not conscious about the bad effects of a nasty air quality on their health, it’s crucial to consider it.

Air quality deterioration is often caused by the presence of pollutants such as mold, mushroooms, asbestos and many others. If those microorganisms are not treated, they will tend to proliferate and multiply themselves to conquer the ambient air.

In order to avoid that the increase of those contaminants creates sometimes important health problems, on the inhabitants, our experts provide an optimal and full mold treatment. They use efficient products for an optimal mold destruction and for sustainable results.


Asbestos and vermiculite: get rid of it

You would like to renovate your house or your industrial building? Prior to starting the work, it is essential to make sure that the insulating materials does not contain neither vermiculite nor asbestos. In fact, those last ones can have a carcinogenic effect and impact your health. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to it.

We usually find vermiculite in the attic but it can also be present in walls as well as ceilings. It can contain asbestos even though it is not always the case. Asbestos can also be found in materials such as insulating conduit, plaster joints, some roof tiles or thermal plates, etc.

In order to get rid of it once and for all, our experts team provide a full asbestos treatment to make your environment healthy and pleasant again. Whether for an industrial or residential building, they remove it while respecting security norms.

Remove bad smells

Tobacco, kitchen smells, sweating… Many bad smells can invade your house or your building and become annoying and persistent. To get rid of it, call Concept GDC!

Our experts will implement Hygiasept® diffusers that will generate an active fog. Associated with the action of specific products, this will destroy embarrassing smells and improve the quality of your environment.

We use products with no danger as they don’t wet or stain and they leave no residue. Thus, you can be assured that your rooms won’t be damaged.


Our expertise
for your peace of mind

Mold, asbestos, vermiculite, bad smells: we get rid of all these pollutants that annoy you in a fast and definitive way in order to get back to a peaceful and healthy environment.


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C'était super professionnel. Tout a été super, de la soumission aux travaux. Tout a été remis en place et propre. Aucun commentaire négatif j’étais très satisfaite. ANNABELLE G.

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